Therapy Services

Individual Therapy (55 minutes)

Individual therapy is an opportunity for us to better understand your relationships to people, the world, and your environment. I work from an Interpersonal Psychotherapy perspective. Together, we will look at the things in your life that are working and not working and see how we can successfully change those that are not working. We will address relationships in your life that may be positively or negatively influencing your mental health and how we can change those. While this is my foundational framework, we will also work on other problems and stresses in a manner that works best for you. See more information here.


Relationship Therapy (55 minutes)

People who engage in therapy together are brave. It can be a scary undertaking, as it requires vulnerability and many individuals fear that this means their relationship will end. The benefit of working on your relationship with your significant other(s) is that you can make changes and progress together. 

In our work together, I focus on the relationship as the entity that needs healing, not each individual partner in the relationship. This means that you should not feel targeted as the one at fault, or as though it is solely your responsibility to fix the relationship. Instead, it will feel like a collaborative venture to get the relationship working better.

Additional services

If you are looking for therapy services other that individual or relationship therapy, feel free to contact me. If it is something I can help with, I am happy to talk with you more about your needs. If it is not, I can give you some other names of providers who might be able to provide you with the services you are seeking.