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Dr. Meghan Kelley, PsyD

I graduated from the Arizona School of Professional Psychology in 2008 and completed my dissertation on aspects of social support with lesbian couples. I completed my internship at the Oregon State University Counseling and Psychological Services center, working with individuals and those in relationships, and my residency at Trillium Family Services, providing therapy and administrative oversight to the Secure Children’s Inpatient Program.

I am currently licensed as a Psychologist in the State of Oregon (#2049) by the Oregon Board of Psychology.

I currently work full-time in private practice. I am licensed as a psychologist in the State of Oregon and am a member of the American Psychological Association (APA) and Oregon Psychological Association (OPA). I support the APA Society for the Psychology of Sexual Orientation and Gender Diversity (Division 44) through my membership and engagement.

I approach treatment with the idea that we are on a collaborative journey together. I see my job as helping clients to get a different perspective, make different decisions, or recognize that they are already on the right path. We should feel like a team with the common goal of building confidence, health, and life empowerment.

Interpersonal Psychotherapy

I work from an Interpersonal Psychotherapy (IPT) model, which focuses on healing interpersonal challenges and managing current symptoms. I believe that the relationships we have with others (past and present) and life events impact our current emotional health in a cyclical fashion. If we heal from our past or current relationships, we can positively impact our current emotional health.