Gender Affirmation Services

Individual and Relationship therapy

All are welcome here. I am honored to work with a diverse group of clients whether or not gender identity is the focus of their distress. Living in a gender binary world can bring a specific level of challenge to those who are not. We can work through these experiences together.


Medical services assessment and letters

Sometimes medical interventions are part of one’s transition process. I have specific training and experience in providing assessments and letters for hormone therapy and gender affirming surgery. This process typically includes two 55 minute assessment appointments where we explore your history and transition process. I then complete the letter (if appropriate) and we will meet again for 20-30 minutes to review the letter, make any necessary changes, and provide you a hard copy of the letter. I am happy to send the letter directly to the other provider if needed. This process is most often covered by your insurance benefits. Please let me know if you have any questions about this.

Most insurance companies require that the letter is less than one year old and some procedures take many months to complete. If your letter becomes invalid because it is a year old, please let me know and we can update it. Depending on how much has changed since the last letter, this will often be at no cost to you.